RADI0 | Cine Debate_0TR0S MUND0S: Las Damas Azules- 20 JUNI0 2017

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Cine debate

Documental sobre la lucha de mujeres contra la mina Conga de la empresa Yanacocha en Cajamarca, Perú.


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Paula Ayala dijo...

Without over-generalizing or oversimplifying, BUT – I’ve worked side by side with a white-passing Argentinean immigrant at KINOKI while I lived in Chiapas and it was one of the most hostile workplaces I have been in. I’m also light-skinned and have light-eyes but the young girl who consistently harassed me knew that I was of Central-American descent (myself and immigrant) and could not help in expressing her disdain for me due to that characteristic. Was it my free-tongued speak of calláte vos? Could it have been my happy-go-lucky attitude, that many of us more than willingly share with even those we don’t know? They say we are from the land of smiling peoples….
We worked alongside indigenous women whom she had no shame/remorse in commanding to prepare the food for guests that would be tipping her out. She also had no shame in attempting to reprimand me in front of guests for *dirty* (to her standards) wine glasses that would prevent her in meeting her tip goals. All the while I’d hussle at the bar prepping teas, serving beers, making coffees and welcoming guests in and cashing them out, and her long breaks on the balcony would consist of smoking and demanding the kitchen crew to ‘hurry it up!’ This experience left me feeling enraged and I almost got to the point of becoming violent towards her. Worst of all, the said restaurant- cine-theatre had for years claimed solidarity with the Zapatista Struggle and hosted community events for them there, but the contradiction lay in everything that the work environment and ethic lacked in the very principles and ideals that the restaurant owners (a Canadian -born immigrant) and the ‘bad seed’ they hired had claimed to be aligned with towards those making the business possible; the chefs, the cooks, the dishwasher and janitor. Never once did the owner intervene and side with the workers right to a fair wage or a positive work environment. After all, it would have reduced her own profits. I should have known of course though; it was a capitalist, elitist institution and no matter how much ‘solidarity’ could be claimed, they would always be the over-competitive, head-ripping , Canadian owned, wannabe mom & pop business because at the end of the day I had to always count my $$$ out and make sure I had made ‘the boss’ their profits… I made the equivalent of $10 USD a day by the way and this was just 3 years ago. Some of the indigenous women might still be working there, and are living off of that misery of a wage to maintain their families. Some left while I was there because of the racism and wage theft they knew they were being subjected to.
This business and its owners are the epitome of G E N T R I F I C A T I O N.